Regional News Wed, 7 Sep 2016

Adutso family wins Supreme Court case

The Supreme Court has restrained the Odartey Sro family from dealing or interfering with family lands belonging to another family called Adutso, all from Osu, Accra.

The court unanimously affirmed the Court of Appeal judgement that the Adutso family members who initiated the whole action are the ‘beneficial’ and ‘lawful’ owners of the disputed land situated at Abokobi in the Ga East Municipal Assembly.

According to the court, the Statutory Declaration made by the defendant’s family (Odartey Sro) covering plaintiff’s land and registered as No. 3303/74 was wrongful, null and void and of no effect.

The court said that the Adutso family are entitled to recover possession of the disputed land from the Odartey Sro family, and ordered the Lands Commission and Land Title Registry to expunge the plotting and registration of Plaintiff’s family land, which was the subject matter of the litigation in the name of defendant’s family (Odartey Sro family of Osu) from its records.

Following the court’s judgement, the Adutso families through its legal representatives have drawn the attention of the public to the contents of the said judgment and appealed to them to respect the content therein.

Vivian Aku Brown-Danquah, head of Adutso family said after the ruling that “the defendant’s family, their agents, servants, assigns, successors, privies or anybody claiming through them are hereby restrained from dealing or interfering with the enjoyment of the said land by the plaintiff’s family herein.”

“In view of the above, members of the general public who desire to acquire interest in the land are advised to contact the Adutso Family for the development of the land.”

Source: dailyguideafrica.com