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Bicycle repairer drowns in Tono canal on his way to visit sick lover

The Tono Irrigation Canal This is the second time a life has been lost in the canal in the past four months

Tue, 8 Sep 2020 Source:

Correspondence from Upper East:

The mortal remains of a young man in his late 30s identified as Jacob has been retrieved from the Tono Irrigation canal near Bonia, a farming community in the Kassena-Nankana Municipality.

Jacob, a known bicycle repairer from Chuchuliga but resident in Nangalikinia, was retrieved from the canal by a search party made up of relatives and community folks around 5 pm, Sunday.

According to sources close to the family, the deceased was embarking a trip to visit his sick girlfriend in Bonia, something he had on the previous day informed family and friends about when he met his unfortunate death.

Sources told GhanaWeb that when the deceased did not return home the next day, a development which was unusual of him, the family began making traces to know his whereabout.

The tracing led to the discovery of Jacob’s belongings including his footwear, mobile phone, and bicycle at a spot near the canal, giving them clues he might have fallen into the fast-moving, high water.

Due to the high rise of water in the basin of the Tono Irrigation Dam as the rains continue to come, water is let out through the canal to prevent a possible spillage which can disrupt ongoing reconstruction work on the spillway. As a result, the water in the canal is apex high and moving strongly.

Management of the Irrigation project, the source said, was notified to close the water flow when his belongings were found near the canal after which a vigorous search was conducted leading to his retrieval.

The death of Jacob brings to two the number of people who have perished in that section of the canal within four months. The first victim was a 7-year-old girl who drowned in May. The incident has caused concerns over safety and deep shock.

“It was on Saturday he told his family he was going to visit his girlfriend in Bonia. He even told some of his friends before leaving with his bicycle. He told everyone he was going to visit his girlfriend who had been sick for some time. So, after he didn’t return the family became worried and began looking for him”

“The family then remembered he said he was going to visit his girlfriend and be began to look for him. It was during the search that his belongings were found near the canal. The belongings included his bicycle, mobile phone, and footwear”- a source who declined to be identified told GhanaWeb.

The deceased has since been handed to the family waiting to be transported to Chuchuliga where he will be laid to rest.

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