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Ghanaians won’t be eager to chase Mahama out – Otchere-Darko

A member of the New Patriotic Party, Gabby Otchere-Darko, has suggested Ghanaians will not be eager to vote out President John Mahama if his National Democratic Congress government had invested a small amount of State money it has misappropriated.

“If the NDC invested a fraction of what they put in corruption in creating jobs, Ghanaians would not be impatient to see the back of them,” Mr Otchere-Darko claimed.

In a series of tweets in response to speeches and statements made by government and NDC officials at the launch of the party’s 2016 election campaign launch Sunday, Mr Otchere-Darko failed to give proof of his claims.


According to the private legal practitioner, despite the huge amount the government has spent on infrastructure, nothing has been achieved in resolving the Ghana’s infrastructure deficit.

“Mr President, you have spent the equivalent of $30 billion on infrastructure alone. But, not a single infrastructure deficit is resolved. President Mahama had told his party members and supporters that his government had in the last four years worked hard to resolve the country’s power crisis that impacted negatively on business with the eventual crippling of the economy. But Mr Otchere-Darko had a contrary view on the issue, saying “having access to electricity is not merely having a bulb & switch in ones room. It is about the power being on & affordable”.

He also discounted the president’s comments suggesting that the NPP’s criticism of the Electoral Commission is a ploy on which it hopes to challenge election results.

The president had said “it has become fashionable for the largest opposition party to discredit the EC. All kinds of accusations including unprintable insults hurled at the person of the EC Chair have become normal. This is unacceptable. But for students of politics, we can see the strategy behind it,” However, Mr Otchere-Darko said “the NPP doesn’t want unfair results, that is why they insist on the EC doing it right. Just like what you insisted on in 2008”.


He also added: “Ghana’s President has blamed everything on his failures except John Dramani Mahama. The man in the mirror, holding the power”.

Source: http://3news.com/ghanaians-wont-be-eager-to-chase-mahama-out-if-gabby-otchere-darko/

Source: 3news.com
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