Regional News Mon, 10 Jun 2019

Irate youth give police soup bath; gush hot ‘ab3nkwan’ on them during tussle

Some irate youth at Assin Dansame in the Assin North Municipality of the Central region are reported to have poured hot palm nut soup on police team during strife.

The youth are also reported to have pelted the police team with stones.

The incident occurred when the Assin Praso police team was called to intervene in a tussle that broke out on Thursday in the town, according to Peace FM’s Oscar Adawu Dadzi.

The tussle was as a result of a misunderstanding about the management of the source of water for the people of the town.

According to the report, some persons have alleged that persons managing the water have mismanaged proceeds from the water.

The allegation thus, resulted in a tussle among the people amidst gun shots, the report said.

The report further indicates that the Assin Fosu police was phoned by some persons in the area who came to restore order.

The police in their attempt to control the situation were pelted with stones by some of the irate youth.

Subsequently, the youth together with one woman called Mawutor, who is currently at large, the report said, poured hot palm nut soup on the police personnel.

The police then called for reinforcement who came to keep the situation under control. Some of the youth were arrested and were to appear before court earlier today, the report said.

The Assin North DCE, Mr Ohene Annan is said to have confirmed the incident.

According to him, some persons were appointed from Assemblies in the area to take proper charge of the management of the water.

This, he said, has resulted in the misunderstanding and tussle among the people of the town.

Source: theprobegh.com