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Kologo Naba pleads for a Police station to fight incessant robberies activities

Paramount Chief Kologo.png Paramount Chief of Kologo Traditional Area, Naba Tandegre Wongrewukugre Asobayire IV

Tue, 16 Feb 2021 Source:

Correspondence from Upper East:

Paramount Chief of the Kologo Traditional Area, Naba Tandegre Wongrewukugre Asobayire IV, says the only way activities of armed robbers in his area can be lessened is for government to urgently construct a Police station.

He said the absence of a Police station in Kologo has created a safe haven for criminals who continue to terrorize residents and visitors.

He continued that the Navrongo Police station which Kologo depends on during cases of emergency is far from the reach of his people.

Activities of armed robbers have surged in the Upper East Region in recent times. Kologo, which is a predominant farming community, has not been an exception to the merciless activities of these bandits.

There have been several reported incidents of how armed robbers blocked portions of the Kologo road, attacked and robbed residents with guns. In the most recent incident, a young man was attacked and his motorbike snatched.

In another incident on the same Kologo-Naaga road, an elderly man who was returning from Navrongo town was attacked by robbers and it took the Chief to arrange some Police men to escort the victim home.

One the night to climax the Kologo Yesiga festival, celebrants from Navrongo and other towns who had joined the celebration and were on return journeys home, were reportedly attacked by robbers and valuables stolen.

The incessant robberies have left residents of Kologo fearful for their lives and valuables.

Speaking to GhanaWeb in an interview at his Palace on how the activities of armed robbers was affecting his community, Naba Asobayire IV, said traders, especially those who buy fresh vegetables such as pepper in larger quantities, do not extend their trade to the area for fear of being attacked by robbers.

He said that was greatly affecting the community which depended largely on farming for their livelihood, as farmers could not get ready market for their farm produce.

He also said the people could not go about freely with their daily business endeavours in the area for fear that they would be harassed by gunmen.

“Now because of the increase in armed robbery in my area, the pepper buyers do not come to Kologo again. They are afraid they will be attacked on the way”.

“And yes, that is the case. Some of their colleagues have been attacked and molested on that road before so they fear. Because of that, my people who are farmers can’t get market for their farm produce which is very bad.

“Even just last week, one of the buyers with her tricycle was attacked on that road and that was one or two weeks after a lot of other reported and unreported cases of robberies on that same road. People are attacked frequently but they don’t feel encouraged to report to the police because nothing can be done” Naba Asobayire told Correspondent, Senyalah Castro.

Naba Asobayire IV pleaded with the government to heed their age-long calls for the establishment of the Kologo Police station. He said whereas efforts were being made, the Ghana Police Service should consider mounting at least two barriers on the Naaga- Kologo road and increase night patrols to the area.

Asked what the traditional authority was doing in its capacity to tackle the menace, the Chief explained that his people have been educated to report suspicious characters in the area to Ghana Police Service. He added that the people have also been told to be security conscious at all time.

Naba Asobayire IV heaped praises on President Akufo-Addo and his government for returning the contractor working on the Navrongo- Kologo- Naaga road to site and urged him to equally give priority to their concerns for a Police station.

He said: “when the road is constructed, I know and I’m sure it will minimize robbery attacks on it. Because the road is not good, the armed robbers take advantage and rob but when it is finished and you are speeding on it, which robber can stop you”.

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