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Mawulolo Youth Network donates educational materials to children

The second edition of the popular charity event ‘Back to School Giveaway’ by Mawulolo Youth Network has been launched.


The annual event became necessary as it is geared towards the welfare of the underprivileged children, providing them with equal educational opportunities in the Christian village community, Achimota and close environs.

Mawulolo Youth Network is a non-profit organisation which has been championing the course of education, health and scholarships for children since its formation some years ago.

This year’s ‘Back to school Giveaway’ which marked its second edition was held at the Unity Baptist Church, Christian Village – Achimota on Saturday, 3rd September 2016.

Educational materials worth over GHC 10,000 were donated to the children. The materials included 5,000 Exercise books, 1,000 Notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, marks, map books, erasers and many more.

In a speech, excited Mr. Romeo Attiso, the president of Mawulolo Youth Network revealed that additional nine (9) pupils have been signed to this year’s scholarships scheme, making a total of 18 pupils.

According to Mr. Attiso, the scholarships would enable these children to attend school, which they otherwise would not be able to do.


In hope, he assured that the number would keep increasing every year.

The beautiful event attracted the attendance of children and parents in the communities who were amazed at the quantity of books donated.

Most parents present expressed their warm gratitude for this benevolence gesture.

A staff of MYN thanked all current donors and sponsors of the program.

The charitable organization is however, calling on all meaningful Ghanaians, particularly corporate bodies, churches and individuals to for supports. Volunteerism and internships are also available for students and individuals who wish to work with the organization.

Do not hesitate to contact MYN via Facebook and Instagram: Mawulolo Youth Network

Source: fredericknoamesi.com