Meet the young banker providing scholarships for children in slum areas

Wed, 16 Oct 2019 Source: GMHF

Mr. Wisdom Dordoe is a young Ghanaian banker and a philanthropist who in his studios task to serve humanity both in his profession and humanistic works has been recognized internationally for his service to communities and children at large.

He took a double leap of faith when he decided to touch the lives of the many underprivileged children in society, brilliant but needy school pupils and other vulnerable groups by setting up non profit organization called Give Me Hope Foundation

He is providing not only access to Education for the children but also Providing Free Education Materials such as; Stationery, School Bags and Clothing in this noble quest.

It is sad to note that the kids are helpless, and in dire need so we are task with the obligation to educate them, to mentor and assist whiles making their future bright and also providing the skills of small handy trading to guardians so to earn an income to be able to cater for the children at home while Mr. Wisdom Dordoe takes care of their educational needs.

Our ultimate target is to provide smart education to every Child out of school or has never been school before.

His focus is on children out of school, orphans who were not privileged to be in the orphanage homes, to seek amnesty for an unjust prison sentences and to rescue children hawking on the street.

With the daunting challenges of our generation, as various careers and professions are becoming more competitive, without any corporate support it is inspiring to see the efforts of individuals who turn their talents into charitable causes in improving hundreds of lives of others.

These are the admirable works of a young banking professional, Mr. Wisdom Dordoe who has risen through all odds and has extended his gift beyond securing fortunes for himself, but pushing for social change through admirable charity works.

“Hope for every child" he added.

Source: GMHF