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Mo Chieftaincy Dispute: Petitioners demand justice without inducement in contempt case

Petitioners in a contempt case brought against 8 persons at a Sunyani High Court are calling for justice in the discharge of the matter raising red flags about a deliberate attempt by some persons to tamper Justice with monetary inducement hence the slow pace that has characterized proceedings since the inception of the case in May 2018.

According to the petitioners, they are unperturbed since they have absolute confidence in the Justice delivery system in the country even higher against the backdrop of the aftermath of the Anas exposé on the Judiciary and hopes justice is not sold to the highest bidder.

The petitioners are of the firm believe that even in an unlikely scenario that the respondents are acquitted and discharged, that would have been as a result of a strong defence put up by the legal counsel and not financial inducement as are rumored and circulated by respondents.

Nana Kwaku Dankwa of the Dankwa Royal Family of Mo and strong contender for the vacant Mo paramount chief slot which has been idle since 1999, instituted a writ against eight persons for exhibiting gross disrespect for the law and also exhibited a conduct which exposes the Administration Of Justice to public ridicule by defying the court orders and enskinning one Mr. Sampson Adre - a tutor as the new Omanhene of the Mo Traditional Area.

The respondents include; Opanyin Kwadwo Dagbui - the abusuapanin of the Leera royal Family, Nana Adjei Adinkra - Krontihene of the Mo Traditional Counsel, Nana Bisakwan II - Benkumhene of The Mo Traditional Counsel, Nana Tibalakala - Gyaasehene of The Mo Traditional council and Nana Akwasi Gyima II - Akyeamehene of The Mo Traditional counsel.

The rest were; Sampson Adre - a tutor, Anthony Saahene - the son of the late Omanhene Nana Kwaku Dimpor II and Opanyin George Nsiah - based in Canada/USA.

Whereas the petitioners are demanding that Justice should permeate and the right sanctions be applied on those personalities who masterminded the performance of the customary functions associated with the enskinnment, the accused claimed they had the legitimate right to perform the customary rites and had indicated that they are unfancied by the threats of contempt.

Their major source of inspiration is the size of their financial muscle which can aid them in bulldozing their way through any barrier therefore can't rely on any legal gymnastics.

The accused were the very people who initiated a legal tussle against Nana Kwaku Dankwa moments after he was enskinned as the new Omanhene of Mo Traditional Area in 2014 at The Judicial Committee Of the Brong Ahafo Regional House Of Chiefs but when the case was still pending, they turned round to enskin another candidate as the new Omanhene, hence the contempt against the eight persons.

The next hearing has been set for Friday 5th April, 2019.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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