Regional News Tue, 22 May 2012

NDC exposed as teacher faces transfer

By George Osei

A teacher at the local Roman Catholic School at Osiem in the Eastern region is facing transfer from the region after exposing some dirty underhand dealings by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) party during the just concluded biometric voter registration exercise.

Kwadwo Bannor Otuo Seribou served as a polling agent for the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and according to him, he prevented the NDC from registering minors and others not resident in the constituency and this has not gone done well with the ruling party.

His action according to him, has made him the number enemy of the Municipal Chief Executive of the area, Simon Peter Asirifi who has promised to do all within his might to ensure that he is transferred from the district.

True to his word, the MCE backed by the Eastern regional Minister, Victor Smith, have reported Mr. Otuo Seribou to the regional manager of Catholic schools and a transfer is eminent if those against him will have their way.

Mr. Otuo Seribou said at the Saviour Church Polling Station, during the third round of the registration exercise, the NDC planned to register 1600 potential voters but his vigilance ensured that only 400 were registered.

The NDC?s plan of registering a further 720 potential voters elsewhere, did not also materialize as he teamed up with other NPP party agents to prevent that from happening and this has not gone into the good books of the NDC.

According to him, he filled challenge forms against those he suspected of being minors and others not from the area, leading to the voter registration cards of 40 of them being withheld for further investigation.

At the hearing to determine the cases of those implicated, the Electoral Commission (EC) cleared 32 and their cards were released to them with the cases of the remaining eight still being investigated.

Source: George Osei (okotosports@yahoo.com)