Regional News Mon, 12 Jan 2009

NGOs create Green Partnerships with Girls in Ghana

Students of the Girls Institute of Science and Technology School (GIST), Agogo have benefited from a workshop on effective and environmentally friendly sources of power generation.

Shannan ‘Akosua B’ Magee, co-founder of GIST School and Pamela Flores co-hosted the Biofuels in Ghana workshop and assembled a biodiesel processor on site. The GIST students were provided practical solutions to solving the electricity crisis in their community. Students were able to receive hands-on training on how to assemble a biodiesel fuel processor. They were also shown how to use their local Palm Kernel Oil to power a diesel generator to produce electricity for their school.

Honduras native Pam Flores, the CEO of HELP.org, Inc. (Help Elevate & Liberate People) headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, stated, “that in order for Ghana to CHANGE and move FORWARD, Ghana must Go Green!” Flores continued, “To go green means to have a cleaner environment in which the Earth can continue to have healthy lands. For instance, going green can be to recycle more, less smoke from automobiles, and better drinkable water, as well as using the sun to collect energy. HELP has launched operation Ghana Go Green Campaign or G3 Campaign that includes biodiesel, rainwater harvesting, and solar energy.”


Additional green measures by HELP at GIST School – Agogo is the implementation of HABESHA’s (Helping Africa by Establishing Schools at Home and Abroad) Sustainable Seeds youth program. HABESHA is a Pan-African organization that cultivates leadership in youth through practical experiences in cultural education, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, holistic health, and technology. The Sustainable Seeds youth program exposes youth to interactive learning that combines mathematics, science, and culture through the design and maintenance if an organic farm. HABESHA will sponsor youth from Atlanta, Georgia, Washington D.C., Mount Vernon, NY and Albany, NY to travel to Ghana during July 2009 to collaborate with the Girls Institute of Science & Technology of Agogo to launch the G3Youth Science Conference at Garden City University College in Kenyasi, Ghana. The students are now publishing a “How to Produce Biodiesel Fuels Manual” for other children.

The Girls Institute of Science & Technology is a member organization of the National Girls Collaborative Project.

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