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Nanumba Youth Association appeals for lasting peace

The Nanumba Youth Association (NAYA), has appealed to all the parties in the Bimbilla Chieftaincy dispute to abide by the Supreme Court ruling on the matter and not to resort verbal and physical acts that would undermine the peace of the area.

In a statement signed by its President, Dr Hafez Adam Taher, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, on Wednesday, NAYA, however, urged the Government to maintain and intensify security and intelligence operations in Bimbilla and its environs to forestall any breaches of the peace.

It said while the leadership of NAYA would continue to facilitate the engagements that promote peace, unity and prosperity of the entire Nanung, any individuals or groups who still had concerns with the ruling should direct them to the appropriate authorities for redress.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday, May 23, affirmed the decisions of the Northern Regional House of Chiefs and the National House of Chiefs that declared Naa Andani II (now deceased) as the legitimate chief of the area.

The five-member-panel of the Apex Court, unanimously held that the Naa Andani lineage to the Bimbilla Skin was the legitimate occupant, which gave finality to the 14- year old dispute on who was the rightful heir to the Skin.

According to the Court, it was satisfied that the judgements of the Judicial Committees of the Northern Regional House of Chief and National House of Chief in relation to the matter Skin were backed by documents and not the evidence adduced in court.

NAYA said it was mindful that the landmark ruling could evoke emotions and thus advised, “We entreat all stakeholders to abide by the ruling and place the interest of Nanung above all else and refrain from acts and pronouncements that will not promote reconciliation and promote the healing process”.

It congratulated all the parties for enduring the peace process to the logical end; and thanked the stakeholders for their contribution to the process.

The decision over the rightful Overlord of Bimbilla had been in dispute for many years, prompting the claimants to appeal to the National House of Chiefs for adjudication.

In March 2012, a three-member committee chaired by Yunyoo Rana Yamyia Tooka II unanimously declared Naa Andani Dasana as the substantive Paramount Chief.

However, this did not go down well with Naa Dawuni (now deceased) and his faction, leading to their appeal at the National House of Chiefs.

The National House of Chiefs dismissed the appeal but still dissatisfied with the National House of Chiefs’ decision, the Naa Dawuni side appealed to the Supreme Court over the lineage and legitimacy to the Bimbilla Skin.

Source: ghananewsagency.org
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