President of Commonwealth Hall throws his support behind community media

Commonwealth Hall Commonwealth Hall is an all male hall in the University of Ghana

Tue, 9 Feb 2021 Source: Kwame Anokye-Frimpong, Contributor

The President of Commonwealth Hall Junior Common Room (JCR) at the University of Ghana, Barnabas Mensah, who also serves as the Acting SRC Vice-President of the University of Ghana, has thrown his support behind the newly created community media platform called Comcent. Comcent is the first community media platform that seeks to bridge the communication gap between the leaders and the members of a community to create positive changes within communities.

A key executive of Comcent, Amirr Jamal-Baba, also a resident of Commonwealth Hall, met with Hon. Barnabas Mensah who expressed the preparedness of his office to adopt the newly created community media platform in other to properly disseminate important information to the members of Commonwealth Hall and to also listen to the issues that bother the residents of the hall.

He said, “I am happy that your Comcent outfit has contacted me about the launching of this great project. Over three years since I have been a member of this great hall, there has not been any proper way of communicating with leaders who have held this position. My office is currently relying on social media to disseminate our information but it is not effective. As the President of the great Commonwealth Hall, I would have wished I had the means to communicate the achievements of my office to the people who elected us to office. As a President, the only way I know how to do this is to post my achievement on my WhatsApp status or Twitter or Facebook which are great, except that only those who are my friends on these platforms can be able to see that achievement. What community media is promising is welcome news for me and the rest of the student leaders at this University of Ghana community and we hope that the members of the community who elected us into office will also be eager to install it when it becomes available”

The University of Ghana community will be the first community to use Comcent after which it will be extended to other tertiary communities in the world. Communities in the real world will not be left out. Comcent will be made available on the 8th of March 2021.

Source: Kwame Anokye-Frimpong, Contributor
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