Residents attribute Tuesday's flood to poor drainage system in Northern Region

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from the Northern Region

Residents of Jiso Nayili and Naluro Estate have attributed the constant flooding of the area to poor drainage systems within that enclave, therefore, calling on city authorities to as a matter of urgency look into the construction of the Jiso Nayili, Naluro Estate drain.

This request follows the four-hour downpour on Tuesday which left several houses inhabitable due to the flood.

In an interview with some residents, they lamented that authorities have so far not done anything about the situation in these flood-prone areas.

“Whenever it rains and the gutter gets full, it overflows and runs into our homes. But we don't see our authorities doing anything about the gutter” Madam Barikisu, a resident said.

“We wish this gutter is look in to for us, the gutter is the problem because when it rains and gets full, it overflows and runs into our homes, so will be glad if the gutter is constructed for us. The gutter is our only problem when it is constructed, the flooding situation will be resolved.” She added.

70-year-old Hajia Sanatu, a resident of Jiso Nayil while sharing her ordeal to GhanaWeb said “The flooding situation of this community is of great concern to us unless you were here to see our plight, I together with my sons were in the rain scooping the water, doing all that we could to get the water out of the house, in fact, even food, we couldn't cook because the whole house was filled with water, no dry place to even set fire.

She added that “this is how it is every year, we are appealing to government to come and construct the gutter for us, because the gutter is the main cause of the perennial flooding, and if the gutter is constructed, the flooding problem would be resolved.”

Others also blamed the negative attitude of some residents as a contributing factor to the flooding that occurs in the area.

They furthered that indiscriminate dumping of refuse into drains and gutters prevents the flow of water hence, the rushing water gushes into homes during a heavy downpour of rains.

They therefore asked the defaulters to desist from that act, also calling on government to come to their rescue by constructing other drainage systems in the community.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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