Roads Minister determined to rid Accra roads of illegal on-street parking

Kwasi Amoako Attah Roads Minister.png Kwasi Amoako-Attah, Minister of Roads and Highways

Sat, 15 Oct 2022 Source: GNA

Mr Kwasi Amoako-Attah, Minister of Roads and Highways, says he is determined to rid Accra of illegal on-street parking which is progressively worsening the traffic situation in the national capital.

He said some drivers, private and public, had conspicuously disregard designated parking areas and had resorted to parking at the wrong sides of the roads and inconveniencing other road users.

The Roads and Highways Minister was leading a team from the Ministry to conduct a routine inspection on portions of the ongoing construction of the La Beach Road Completion Project.

The First Phase of the project, 16-kilometres, which starts from the Independence Arch of the Black Star Square in Accra through Osu, La and Teshie to Nungua, is being undertaken by China Ganzu International Corporation for Economic and Technical Cooperation (CGICETC).

Currently, the expansion of the single carriageway in a dual carriageway is progressing.

The second phase; Coastal and Meridian roads – Nungua barrier to Tema, a 10.60-kilometre stretch, spans from Nungua barrier to Tema.

The 26.6-km project is estimated at $100 million, with China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Company Limited (CRMBEGCL) being the other contractor.

The scope of work includes a two-way, four-lane urban road, traffic signal system and related auxiliary works, as well as a three-tier interchange at the Nungua Barrier.

The Roads and Highways Minister, who uses that stretch of road from Tema to Nungua Barrier, had witnessed an unusual gridlock on the newly constructed Tema beach road as a result of a broken-down truck on the inner lane from Tema Community Three.

The broken-down container truck which was still being worked on at the time of the team’s visit, had caused heavy traffic on the stretch despite its recent dualization.

Mr Amoako-Attah, visibly incensed about the situation, questioned why contractors had allowed the vehicle to be repaired on the road, aware that it was a busy stretch and such “indiscipline” would cause congestion on the road and inconvenience the motoring public.

He said in the event that vehicles were broken-down, there must be some urgency to immediately tow them away as such illegal acts hampered the normal flow of traffic, inconvenienced commuters and even caused road accidents.

The Road and Highways Minister said the penchant of some drivers who park haphazardly on highways and caused discomfort to other road users would not be countenanced.

“All of us must help; fixing the country is a good thing and a good call, but if the Government has to fix the country, I have to help in that regard and you must also help to fix the country. It is a collective effort; we must all play our individual roles to fix the country.” Mr Amoako-Attah advised the driver of the truck as he sought pardon for his wrongdoing.

He directed consultants of the project that “any vehicle that breaks down on the road, don’t allow them to repair it on the road because apart from causing inconvenience to the motorist and the danger it poses, the oil spillage from such broken-down vehicles affects the asphalt which is at a great cost to government.”

“Under no circumstance should any truck or vehicle be repaired in the middle of the road,” the Roads Minister stressed, and stayed on the Tema Beach Road until the vehicle moved from the road.

Mr Bonne Acquah, Resident Engineer and Consultant, Lot 2, La Beach Road Completion Project, who was on site at the time of the Minister’s visit, said efforts to get the truck off the road had initially proved futile but had to be immediately repaired.

He, however, expressed satisfaction with the progress of work on the Second Phase of the project.

Source: GNA
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