Rodents take over Bekwai Hospital

Bekwai Hospital9 Bekwai Hospital

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 Source: todaygh.com

Parliamentary aspirants of the Ashanti regional branch of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) have called on voters in the Ashanti Region, especially and Ghana in general, to ignore the “lies” being peddled by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government in their campaign handbook christened; Green Book claiming that Bekwai Hospital which had been beautifully edited in the Green Book was, in reality, an abandoned structure, now being inhabited by rodents and birds.

According to the PPP parliamentary aspirants, the book is full of “lies and artistic impressions” to throw dust into the eyes of unsuspecting Ghanaians so that the “incompetent Mahama government” could get “four more years to take the country through hell.”

At a press conference in Kumasi over the weekend, spokesperson for the group, Mr. Frank Aboagye Danyansah, told journalists that the Bekwai Hospital which had been beautifully edited in the Green Book was, in reality, an abandoned structure, now being inhabited by rodents and birds, though captured in the book that government had constructed an ultra-modern hospital for the people of the area.

He also revealed that the much touted Atonsu Shoe factory which was commissioned with huge funfair and attracted lots of noise from the NDC propaganda machinery and serial callers at the moment employed only 33 staff while thousands of youth were on the streets searching for non-existent jobs.

“However, it is all over that hundreds of people have been employed working at the Shoe Factory. Is it that they just lack the requisite knowledge to expand the factory to employ several people or they do not want more Ashantis to get a regular source of income, or they are just happy when they tell lies?” Mr. Danyansah quizzed.

The aim of the press conference by the PPP parliamentary aspirants was to inform the people of Ashanti Region how they have wasted their votes over the years by voting for the ruling NDC and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“It is time we took our destiny into our own hands to get rid of the NDC who are wishing to have one million votes here without any tangible and worthwhile projects that have benefited the people in the region, with artistic impression of projects in their Green Book. And the NPP which also sees this region as their “Florida” but some of their parliamentarians have failed to push for development in their constituencies,” he said.

Mr. Aboagye Danyansah revealed that the PPP has unveiled a chain of campaign activities and development agenda, focusing on human development and progressive leadership to generate job opportunities and tackle the protracted unemployment menace in the region.

“Our country is at the threshold of a new era, an era that beckons for a new kind of leadership, a leadership that is uncontaminated by the prejudices of the past, leadership committed to change and committed to solving the everyday problems that confront the average Ghanaian,” the Obuasi East parliamentary aspirant said.

Manhyia North parliamentary hopeful of the PPP, Ms. Bertrin Amponsah Biritwum, while addressing the journalists, also said the massive failure of the NDC government was a concern to all well-meaning Ghanaians as its ripple effects on innocent people of the nation could not be over-estimated.

Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, according to her, were clear signs of failure of the various political parties and people who have led Ghana, especially in the Fourth Republic.

She said all the two main parties were good at was engaging themselves in insults and wanton dissipation of bravado in sheer ignorance.

However, when they realised the inroads being made by the PPP, they have begun telling Ghanaians that voting for PPP amounts to one wasting his/her votes.

“A wasted vote is voting for an incompetent and a corrupt President who lives on siphoning the taxes Ghanaians have been paying under these harsh economic times. …Voting for a Member of Parliament (MP) who cannot push for the progress of his constituents and it is also voting for government that makes itself immune to the sufferings they plunge the nation into,” Ms. Biritwum recited confidently.

Source: todaygh.com
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