Stand up against secessionist groups - Youth Empowerment Consortium urges Voltarians

Volta Separatists  Opinion.jpeg A photo of a secessionist group

Sat, 17 Oct 2020 Source: Blessed Soglah, Contibutor

The Volta Regional Caucus of the Youth Model Parliament (YMP) of Youth Empowerment Consortium (YEC), Ghana have charged the youth in the region to stand up against all secessionist groups.

According to the Chairperson of Volta Region YMP-YEC, Peace-Love Owu, the region needs to be violent free hence, the separatists attacks ought to be attended to immediately.

“We are calling on the youth of Volta Region to stand up and resist these people who use their energies in unprofitable attacks like the recent one seen on 25th September 2020. Also, what the youth of Volta Region need is not violence and a separate country, but political accountability, sustainable jobs and rapid economic development that guarantee the future of this generation and those yet to be unborn”.

The Chairperson also called on security agencies to handle the situation with professionalism so that lives would be safeguarded.

“The Volta Regional Caucus of Youth Model Parliament of Youth Empowerment Consortium is entreating the security agencies to use their high intelligence and professionalism in handling this matter so that the lives of vulnerable citizens are not threatened. Again, we urge the security agencies to clamp down on the perpetrators of these criminal acts and bring them to order to avoid any recurrence of such an act”.

The group’s comments come after some secessionist groups attacked two national security post in the Volta Region at Aveyime and Mepe, also blocked the major roads that link the region to Accra, at Juapong and Sogakope respectively.

Source: Blessed Soglah, Contibutor
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