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Tension at Manya Krobo as Divisional Chiefs elevate stools to paramountcies

Some Krobo Chiefs Some Krobo chiefs

Thu, 24 Oct 2019 Source:

There is simmering tension in Manya Krobo following a decision by Divisional chiefs declaring the elevation of all six divisional stools to independent paramountcies without the approval of Konor of Manya Krobo, Nene Sakite II who is the Overlord of the Krobo area.

The six Divisions are Manya, Dom, Piengua, Suisun, Akweno and Djabiam.

The declaration, according to the Divisional Chiefs is to make Manya Krobo states revert to pre-konorship back to Anikaka Council which ruled the Manya Krobo people for over 500 years.

According to the Divisional Chiefs, the Kornoship of Manya Krobo State was a political Office created in 1835 by Kono Odonkor Azu, making the occupants overload of Manya but “no longer fit for the purpose of creation” therefore reverting to the original traditional structure of their ancestors.

The Anikaka Council, according to the Chiefs which has henceforth replaced the Manya Krobo Traditional Council will ensure that “all six divisions will have equal say, influence and exercise power and not subservient to the overload Konor.”

Addressing the media Wednesday, the Chiefs stated “we in the name of a joint declaration appoint and authorize the six paramount Chiefs to rotate the Over-Lordship of President of Manya Krobo Traditional Council on a two-year term of office as President of Manya Krobo Traditional Council ”

The Chiefs went on in their declaration “authorizing the Suspension of Manya Krobo Traditional Council pending the reconstitution of the Office of the Standing Committee of Paramount Chief of Manya Krobo Traditional area”

The Chiefs have thus appointed, Aklomuase Nene Okpatakplah Sasraku IV as acting President of the Interim Manya Krobo Council “until the completion of the legal statutes to formalize the Paramountcies and all statutory structures of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area”.

Per the declarations, divisional chiefs would now rotate to ascend the position of President of Manya Krobo Traditional Council for a two-year term of office.

They accused the current Konor, Nene Sakite II of abusing his power in several significant deeds and actions including alleged disregard of all customs and traditions of krobos as well as the Divisional Chiefs that made up the traditional Council. Konor of Manya Krobo and his Divisional chiefs have been in loggerheads for many years.

According to the Spokesperson for the Chiefs, Nene Okpatakpla Sasraku IV -Manya Divisional who addressed the media, they will no longer serve Konor of Manya Krobo.

The Divisional Chiefs present at the Presser were- Nene Okpatakpla Sasraku IV -Manya Division ,Nene Bediako Muala III-Dom Division, Nene Tetteh Zogli-Piengua Division ,Nene Owuadjao Angmor II -Suisui Division,Nene Asare Odonkor II-Akweno Division

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