#TrendingGH: Residents in Ho municipality share varied views on secessionist activities in the Volta region

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Wed, 18 Nov 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Volta Region has in the past months been hit with attacks carried out by some elements of the secessionist groups in the region who are hell-bent on seceding part of Ghana’s territory to form an independent state which they call ‘Western Togoland’.

The first attack which resulted in the loss of two lives was visited on multiple locations within the North Tongu District and the second attack was the torching of two STC buses in the regional capital, Ho.

However, residents across the region have different views on the activities of these secessionists as some say they are in full support of the entire agenda to make Volta Region an independent state while others also condemn the secessionist activities.

Some residents in the Ho Municipality revealed to GhanaWeb their take on the ‘Western Togoland’ dream which as at now seems unachievable.

A resident, Beatrice Boati, noted that when the region becomes an independent state, there are a lot of benefits the territory and its indigenes will gain. Beatrice added that if Volta Region becomes an independent country, resources that the region boasts of will be used to develop the ‘new’ country.

She further revealed that Ashantis’ disrespect for Ewes is also a factor that informs her decision to yell for an independent ‘Western Togoland’.

“…we will gain a lot of profit from it. When we are independent, we will get to use our own resources to build our nation.”

“Most of the regions like the Ashanti region, they don’t respect Voltarians. They mostly see us as the juju region or something and that is why,” she stated.

Another resident who goes by the name Promise Broni sees no sense in the agitations some persons in the region are spearheading for the separation of Volta Region to form the so-called ‘Western Togoland’.

According to Broni, the secessionists should be sat down and made to come into terms with understanding as there is nothing good in what they are doing.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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