Regional News Sun, 26 Nov 2006

Tuobodom Assembly members Exchange Blows

THE circumstances surrounding the construction of a communal borehole here to supply water to the residents should have been a unifying factor, because both sides of the political divide played a role.

However, a misunderstanding led to the trading of blows last Sunday and the disabling of the borehole.

Consequently, the borehole is no longer in use.

The story involves Emmanuel Nketia and Daniel Frempa, both assembly members here at Tuobodom in Brong-Ahafo. Last Sunday, November 19, was the day they chose to display their prowess in boxing to their electorate, over who should control the facility.


That day, the two "gentlemen" of the community, in the full glare of the residents, both bare-chested, traded blows to determine which of the two has control over the borehole. The "free show" in the town centre lasted some 15 minutes.

The borehole at the centre of the controversy is in the Adantase Electoral Area, over which Nketia has jurisdiction. Adantase shares a common border with Abronum electoral area which Frempa represents.

Source: Times