Regional News Wed, 16 Jul 2014

Volta Region demands removal of embargo

A consultative meeting of chiefs and clergy in the Volta Region has called on the government to work towards lifting an embargo on the exploitation of minerals in the Volta Region by the United Nations (UN).
“We have come to learn that due to certain UN regulations dating from the beginning of the mandate and trusteeship under the United Kingdom government, these cannot be exploited”, a resolution adopted at the end of the three-day summit said.
“Our recommendation is that the government and chiefs and the clergy meet under the auspices of the UN to de-regulate this old international agreement” the resolution requested.
Following the defeat of Germany in the Second World War, parts of the Volta and Northern regions, then a German colony, were placed under UK trusteeship by the United Nations.
However those parts, decided in a plebiscite to join the then Gold Coast which was about to gain independence in 1957.
The resolution listed a number of mineral deposits in Keta, Aflao, Kpetoe, Amedzofe, Anfoega, Kpando, Nkonya, Alavanyo, Akpafu, Kwamekrom, Ahamansu and Papase in the Volta Region up to Bawku in the Northern Region.
The resolution identified these minerals as gold, diamond, jasper, iron ore, mercury, nickel, manganese, kaolin, oil, clinker and uranium.
“We have mineral deposits in our land, why are they not being exploited, how can they be exploited?” the resolution asked.
The resolution also called on citizens of the Volta Region living elsewhere to bring their expertise and money to invest back home.
The resolution expressed concern with the erosion of the disciplined image associated with the people of the region and called for a return to cherished moral practices that instilled discipline and distinguished the people of the region wherever they found themselves.
It also called on the government and managers of the country’s education to revise the education curricular to correspond with current realities and stem unemployment in the region and the country.
The consultative summit, the fourth in a series, organised by Ho based Christian Agape Ministers Network was attended by about 500 chiefs and clergy.


Source: GNA