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We didn’t blow state cash on Regional Organizers trip to France – Sammy Awuku

National Organizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku has hit back at critics accusing him of sponsoring Regional Organizers of the party to France with state cash.

Speaking on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM, Mr Awuku denied claims that he’s blowing the nation’s resources and taxpayers money on extravagant trips with his NPP boys abroad.

According to him, not a dime was solicited from the party to airlift the various National Organizers to France in a meeting with the 22 branches abroad.

“You know the NPP has 22 branches abroad, outside Ghana and you may be aware that the Electoral Commission also recently gave the indication that based on the court ruling on ROPAA they’re preparing to roll out the exercise.

“Per the mandate of the constitution of the NPP, I’m in-charge of the party’s branches both home and abroad. I’m also clothed with the mandate to undertake the feasibility studies for the opening of branches abroad where necessary.

“…And when I came into office, i have also not had the opportunity to meet the Organizers in the 22 branches abroad, and if you look at the NPP constitution, I’m required to report to the General Secretary the status of the party and how well it’s doing so he can also relay same to the National Executive Committee(NEC) and the Steering Committee.So it became necessary to convene a meeting with these 22 branches abroad in France, to strategize ahead of ROPAA. To be honest, I didn’t even pay for a dime in the organization of the meeting. They[members abroad] wholly mobilized resources on their own to fund the ongoing meeting in France.

“However, it was also in the larger interest of our party that such meeting will include our local organizers too so they can fraternize and share experience with their colleagues abroad on grassroot mobilization. Nobody went to the party for a penny,a farthing,a pesewa,; It was fully borne by these guys in the 22 branches abroad.

He told host Kwaku Owusu Adjei that those who seek to criticize him do so out of ignorance because he has a legacy of occasionally mobilizing his Youth Organizers for similar training programmes abroad even while in opposition.

“When I was the National Youth Organizer in opposition, If you ask ten of my regional youth organizers at that time, they will tell you Sammy Awuku traveled with almost all of them for training programmes. I believe so much in training programmes, and with my role as National organizer, I’m in-charge of training in the party. So if as Youth Organizer of our party then, I was able to facilitate my regional youth organizers for trips to US, UK, Germany and the likes for training programes how much more operating from government.

“…Well if the NDC thinks they’ve had enough training and feels they are comfortable in opposition, I’m thirsty and hungry for more success. I’ll go every length to ensure my Organizers get that exposure, training to work hard for 2020 general elections.

Source: kasapafmonline.com
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