We will not vote in 2020 – VRA-Sowutuom residents bemoan deplorable roads

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Fri, 22 Nov 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

They see no reason to cast their votes for persons who really do not care much about their living conditions, some residents living within the VRA-Sowutuom enclave has said.

The roads which are untarred have deteriorated over time, leaving residents devastated.

The main junction from Mambo, leading to the VRA community has been levelled with sand; riding on this stretch comparatively is better, but passengers and drivers begin to feel the impact of the bad roads just a few meters from the junction, where the roads have been left untouched for years.

The roads which lead to various parts of the community are nothing to write home about. So bad is the situation that, in some instances, sandbags are used to fill the holes, as an interim measure for cars which ply the routes.

As though those are not enough, roads have been filled with sharp stones that end up destroying the tyres of vehicles and motorbikes.

Obviously unhappy about the situation, one taxi driver, who spoke to Ghanaweb during the visit to the community said;

“The situation is so bad. We have to visit the mechanic almost every week. Our shock-absorbers are always affected and we need government to do something for us or else, there is no way we will vote in the coming elections.”

Another who was disturbed about the impact of the situation on the jobs; driving said;

“The passengers are mostly stranded because we also do not want to ply that road. Our cars could get spoilt so we’d rather not. We just need them to fix our roads, they covered a small part of the roads but the greater part is still left untouched.”

And yet for Madam Augustina, the flooding situation caused by the filling left in the drains should be looked at,

“The VRA road is in a deplorable state. And from the Fanmilk junction to the last stop, the roads are terrible. And when it rains, the choked gutters make things worse,” she said.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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