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statement: Former President, You Are A Spent-Up Coin

Mr. Former President, You Are A Spent-Up Coin – We Don’t Need You


We, of “THE CADRE FRONT” in the National Democratic Congress, Tema Region, wish to state our candid position on the schemings lately by the former president, Jerry John Rawlings.

It is high time he is told in limitless terms the tricks he exacted on us (CADRES) over the past thirty years, are now things of the past. To us he has no MORALITY in holding himself out as a ‘REVOLUTIONARIST’ since his actions over the years have betrayed his inner-self.

To us – as a group, we see him as a ‘celebrated’ greedy and selfish man who played his craftiness on us for far too long – and thank GOD his over playing of those tricks has led us to this realization.


Mr. Rawlings is today, just as he has done throughout the thirty years, commemorating the fallen heroes of the revolutionary process of 31st December, 1981. Much as we still believe in the principles of the process which was to liberate us totally from political and economic captivity; his reign, as leader of the process – only led us deep into being chained firmly by the Britton Woods ‘milking’ financial institutions.

We recall the institutions’ bitter prescriptions which led us to sell off over four hundred State-Owned Enterprises which were the Pride of Mother-Ghana, established by the visionary Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

If a ‘revolutionary’ government could lead in the sale of such properties to private ownership, then we wish to state in all honesty, that his leadership of that process was a total failure. And we remember with bitterness how a lot of our compatriots who resisted the move were hounded out of this country, arrested and put in jail while others ended up losing their lives in the process.

We are by this statement, due to his concerted attempts at sinking the party or sending it to opposition which failed, that we don’t consider him as the ‘founder’ of the Party. It is so – and a fact – that it was we the cadres who worked tirelessly through the nooks and crannies of the country, and organized which finally gave birth to the National Democratic Congress.

He ought to be reminded that we did this in order to secure our own safety – since we knew we were to be targets of harassment by the Danquah-Busiaists, whom he then regarded and called “criminals and thieves, if they were to win power.


Suddenly, the ‘PARAGON OF VIRTUES’ sees the Danquah-Busiaists, who now colour themselves the “New Patriotic Party” (NPP) as political bed-fellows.

Mr. Rawlings must be told in plain terms that we are never-ever ready to disembark from the caravan of the NDC to any other political corner which ideological-setting is at variance with our Party.

The former president is aware of our overtures to him (when we invited Kofi Adams to one of our executive meetings) to prevail upon his wife not to contest the late President Mills at the Sunyani congress. “Our efforts at meeting you personally were equally parried of because you knew what we were to tell you.

“It is now time for us to tell you in very certain terms, that you have made yourself a spent coin – and for that matter you can no longer use us at will as it used to be”.

Per this communication, we urge all cadres throughout the country to disregard the Rawlings-led celebration of the 31st December Revolution.


We are equally by this statement, assuring the President and the Party hierarchy of our commitment and un-retiring support for the great National Democratic Congress.

Issued in Tema, 31st December, 2012

Signed (for Director Comm/Media Relations)

Camillus M.T. Sakzeesi

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