General News Tue, 13 Dec 2016

5 unique things Samira Bawumia did for NPP

While the wife of Amissah Arthur, the Vice President was nowhere to be found during the NDC's campaign, the wife of NPP's Vice President-Elect, Samira Bawumia was on the field campaigning to get his husband and Akufo Addo into government.

Samira was seen and heard on different platforms selling the NPP's message to the people of Ghana.

Many have said her activeness in this year's campaign played an instrumental role in getting the NPP back to power and we agree with them. She was in her capacity able to convince Ghanaians that the NPP is the option to get them out of misery and improve their lives.

These pictures of her campaign will tell you that she played a key role in NPP's gains this year.

1. When She Stormed Tamale in the evening

2. When She went to the streets to push 'Adopt a polling station'


3. When she met the spare parts dealers

4. When she showed she is mother for all

5 When she was selling NPP's Message in Ashanti region

Source: Ghanafuo.com