Accra rains will continue till mid-November

Rains Penyi Lloskd.png There have been heavy rains in the past few days in the southern part of the country

Mon, 12 Oct 2020 Source: classfmonline.com

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has said there will be more rains in the southern sector from now until November.

The Acting Officer in Charge of Central Analysis and Forecaster at the Meteo Agency, Felicity Ahafianyo, stated on ClassFM’s Executive Breakfast Show on Monday, 12 October 2020 that the southern and Northern sector should expect more rains in the coming days.

“Within this week, the concentration is more over the Oti Region, Western Region, Western-North, Ashanti Region and then parts of the coastal belt, especially the northern fringes of the coastal belt, so, for this week, rain is still in the forecast for us”, she said.

There have been heavy rains in the past few days in the southern part of the country, which have caused havoc to homes in the capital city.

Places like Adabraka Sahara and West Lands among other areas, got severely battered by the heavy downpours.

Madam Ahafianyo said” “For the rains to cease completely for those of us over the southern sector, we are looking at between the last week of October to the second week of November”.

“For most areas over the middle sector, the rains will cease and those of us along the coast, the east coast will be between that second week of November to the third or fourth week of November.

“Then, the Western Region, it will also be in the first or second week of December.

“So, between now and the second week of November, we still expect rains but the intensity is what we are looking at.

“For now, the energy has been consumed, so we have to rejuvenate before we could have a similar situation that we had over the weekend. So, now we’ll be having localized”, she said.

For today, Monday, 12 October, however, she said: “We are not expecting much rain”.

She explained that: “October rains are not unusual over the country”.

“We have two rainy seasons for southern Ghana and then one rainy season for the northern Region.

“So, for October rains are very normal, very usual for the West African sub-region and Ghana, for the southern sector”, she said.

“For every year, our rains start from March to October and, at times, part of November is in it for the southern sector.

“For the northern sector, majorly, it starts in May and ends in October.

“So, for us over the southern sector, our minor season or the second rainy season started in mid-September through to October.

“Now, when you come to the weather patterns, we have something we call the inter-tropical boundary which comes along with weather activities, so, as it moves north, it takes the weather activities along with it and as it moves down, it takes the weather activities down with it and all these things are controlled by the sun’s position and on 22 September 2020, we have the sun returning into the southern hemisphere, so, the weather zones have also started declining”, she said.

Source: classfmonline.com
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