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Ace Ankomah pushes for equal salaries for women playing same roles as men

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Fri, 9 Mar 2018 Source:

Women with same qualification who have been employed and playing the same role as their male counterparts in their various jobs should earn equal salaries as the men, Ace Anan Ankomah has suggested.

According to him, even though abuses cut across all gender, women have been cheated out of what is rightfully theirs and have severely suffered some forms of abuses more than men.

Contributing to a panel discussion on International Women’s Day on the Good Evening Ghana show, he explained that these abuses women suffer span from issues of inequalities in marriage, education and in the corporate world as well.

Asked whether men should earn more than women on the same job, he stressed, “Why should she earn less simply because she’s a woman? I’m working with her, she has the same qualification as I do, we’re doing the same job, and the appraisals show that we’re doing the same job. In the corporate world we’re all here to work and take monies home for whichever purpose.”

The private legal practitioner also strongly objected to assertions that men should earn more because they are the heads of their families and responsible for footing the bills in the home.

He said, “In the corporate world that doesn’t matter. Anybody who says that, I’ll tell the person it’s nonsense. …if she has my qualifications and she’s probably even doing better than me why should she earn less? I think both men and women should earn the same,” he said.

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