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Don’t cook for your boyfriend comment 'rubbish' - Coded

Coded 4x4 Ppoes Hiplife artiste, Edem Russel Avorny aka Coded

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 Source:

Hiplife artiste, Edem Russel Avornyo known in showbiz as Coded of 4X4 fame, has described UK-based Ghanaian movie writer and producer’s assertion that women should not play wifely duties - cooking and cleaning for a man who has not married them as 'rubbish'.

Leila Djansi in a recent post on social media urged women not to play the role of a wife by cooking and cleaning for a man until they are married.

Reacting to this in an interview with Natalia Andoh on the Touch of Class on Class91.3FM on Tuesday, 20 March 2018, Coded said: “I don’t think she is Ghanaian. She should come and stay here, grab a fine looking nice gentleman who she’s in love with and come and tell us again that she’s not going to cook and clean.

“She’s in America and thinking like American, she shouldn’t think like American she should come to Ghana and think like an African, it’s wrong to say that. It’s wrong to say that rubbish. How can a whole producer like you, who people are looking up to, a lot of women are looking up to you, then you come and say this rubbish to us.”

Coded who has been married for six years explained that for a man to “decide if the girl he is dating does not just wear long nails and weave on and not become a lion because no man wants to marry a lion,” she must be able to serve him and therefore counseled Leila Djansi to stop misleading Ghanaian women.

Coded although part of the group 4X4 is currently promoting his first single titled “E dey pain dem”.

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