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Affordable Housing Project In Trouble?

AffordablehouseScandal .

Tue, 29 May 2007 Source: The Enquirer

... 600 Billion Cedi MOU with CHURCH?
...Nigerian Pastor to provide affordable housing?

Global Interests LLC, Goshen Corporation, Steve Ams Ministries and Chapel of Praise, have one thing in common. They all claim to have one office address owned and controlled by a Nigerian Doctor cum Pastor and his wife on one side and their Nigerian cronies some of who are former Nigerian Presidential appointees in the office of a former Nigerian Vice President.

Extensive investigations conducted by The Enquirer, have revealed that, Steve Ams, the man with whom the government has signed a ¢600 billion MOU and who they address as an American Investor with an American name and an American company called Global Interest LLC, is not an American as we are made to believe but a Nigerian Pastor who has dropped his Nigerian middle name and wishes to be known as Steve Ams.

The Enquirer can reveal that the original name of Dr. Steve Ams is "Dr. Steve Onoja Ams," and he is very connected to the Nigerian caucus in Texas. In all his company documentation, Dr. Steve Onoja Ams gives his name just as ‘Steve Ams,’ a move which completely sheds his Nigerian origin.

Steve Onoja Ams and his wife, Joy Ams, started life with their Steve Ams Ministries in April 1992 after they immigrated to the United States and began organizing church services in a small apartment located in Houston, Texas.

Shortly after, they moved the Church services to another location, this time a hotel, also in Houston, Texas.

Further investigations by The Enquirer have revealed that Goshen Corporation, also registered in the state of Texas and which is said to be connected to the Goshen International referred to in Hackman Owusu Agyepong’s MOU as a ‘local partner’ for the ¢600 billion is also owned by the same Steve Ams.

The paper trail reveals that Goshen Corporation was issued a certificate of "GOOD STANDING" only last Thursday, May 24, 2007. Their "GOOD STANDING" is valid till November 15, 2007.

The office address of Goshen Corporation is 7414 Cook Road, Houston Tx. 77072-2234. The Office address of Steve Ams Ministries/Chapel of Praise is 7414 Cook Road, Houston Tx. 77072-2234, The office address of Global Interests LLC is 7414 Cook Road, Houston Tx. 77072-2234.

Gordon Cooper, Lawyer for Global Interests LLC, is on record as saying that "Dr. Steve Ams represents the Corporation as its Registered Agent. This means that his name shows up on behalf of Directors and Board Members. There is no requirement to show more than one registrant per corporation in the USA."

Goshen Corporation which is said to be affiliated to Goshen International, as the local partners of Global Interests LLC in the ¢600 billion Government Affordable Housing Project not only shares the same address but also shares the same website with Global Interests.

If one clicks on Goshen Website, the person is connected straightaway to the website of Global Interests LLC.

The company was registered on September 11th, 2002 and the only registered Agent is Steve Ams, also of Cook Road, Houston Tx. 77072-2234.

Steve Ams Ministries lay claim as the owners to a building office located at 7414 Cook Road, Houston, Texas. They claim they bought this property in September 1995.

Surprisingly, it is this same property that Gordon Cooper, lawyer for Global Interests LLC, claims "we have for the past twelve years been ‘operating’ at the 7414 Cook Road address"


Steve Ams Ministries, a non profit and tax exempt religious organization which does business under the assumed or fictitious name "Chapel of Praise" is principally managed by Nigerians.

On the leadership chart, Dr. Steve Onoja Ams is a Senior Pastor at Steve Ams Ministries where he has been serving as pastor since 1992.

Prior to this current position, he served as a pastor of Temple of Praise Church in Houston, Texas, for at least, one year.

Before immigrating to the United States of America, Dr. Steve Ams served as Founder and President of Faith Deliverance Ministries in Jos, Nigeria, from 1986 to 1992.

From 1985 to 1986, investigations reveal that he was employed by a low key Clinic, Sauki Clinic in Jos, as a medical Doctor. He also worked as a medical Doctor at Ekiadolor. Hospital in Benin City, Nigeria in 1984 and 1985.

Impeccable information suggests that Dr. Steve attended Ahmadu Bello University of Zaria in Nigeria, from 1978-1979, and earned a pre medical degree. He continued his education at Calabar, College of Medicine in Calabar-Cross River State, and earned a Medical Doctorate Degree between 1978-1984.

Dr. Steve found his way to America and became a student of the Graduate School of Theology, and earned a Master of Theology Degree in Theology between 1994-1996.


Dr. Steve’s Wife, Joy Ams, also a Nigerian, is a Co-Pastor and has been serving in that capacity since 1992. Joy serves the Steve Ams Ministries with joy as the Music Director.

Before the position, she was a member of the Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, International Fellowship of Christian Students, Nigerian Red Cross and International Evangelical Students.

Prior to her membership, she was employed by the Faith Deliverance Ministries in Jos, established by her husband, Dr. Steve Ams. She worked for the Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Benin City, Nigeria, as a National Travel Secretary.


Sunday Owo serves as a volunteer Pastor, a position he has served since 1994. The paper trail indicates that Sunday Owo worked for the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Political Appointee in the office of a former Nigerian Vice President. He worked briefly in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in Huntsville and retired in 2003 as a correctional officer.

Owo also worked in a law firm in Houston as an administrator.

Pastor Owo, as he is affectionately called, has been an active member of the Republic National Committee since 1994 and served twice as President for two consecutive times. He has a degree in Pharmacology, Texsas, and Southern University and also took a six- month course in Pre Service Correctional Officer training at University of Houston and earned an ordinary certificate.


This man is called an Associate Pastor , a position he has held since 1994. His responsibilities include overseeing the Ushery Department, Tape Department, and Finance Department. This man worked at Red Lobster in the US as a Cook for 10 years, from 1986 -1989. He attended Houston Tillson College in Austin, Texas, and studied industrial hygiene. He also attended Southern Texas University and studied pre-Pharmacy from 1990-1992. From 1992, he moved to University of Houston in Clearlake, and again, studied pre-Pharmacy.


She works as both Pastor for Steve Ams Ministries and Administrator for Global Interests LLC since 1999. She has worked for a law firm as Legal Secretary and Receptionist and also worked for ZAPATA OFF-SHORE COMPANY.

Stay tuned, more anon.
Source: The Enquirer
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