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Aisha Huang trial: Her operations destroyed River Offin, others - 5th witness tells court

20379176 Aisha Huang during one of her appearances in court

Wed, 21 Dec 2022 Source:

A witness in the ongoing case of the Chinese national in Ghana, Aisha Huang, who is standing trial on charges of undertaking mining operations without a licence, has said that the activities of the woman’s company led to the destruction of the River Offin.

The witness, Timothy Teye Ali, a farmer at Sukuumu, Bepotenten, in the Amansie Central District of the Ashanti Region, who is the fifth to appear before the court so far, made this known through a written statement read on his behalf in court.

He added that the mining activities of Aisha Huang also led to the destruction of other water bodies in the Ashanti Region, a report by has said.

Timothy Teye Ali told the court that in 2017, he was contacted by one James Ogbey over his interest in purchasing land to mine gold.

He added that after an assessment of what he had to offer, they came to an agreement on GH¢28,000 as the final charge.

He continued that he was then informed by Ogbey that the accused, Aisha Huang, was on that day elsewhere and for which reason she could not be present with them.

Timothy added that although they had an agreement for Ogbey to make full payment before the land was released to him, the four-acre farmland was cleared the following morning.

Upon confronting him, Timothy, through his statement that was read by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Yvonne Atokora Obuobisa, said that Ogbey then paid him GH¢3,000, GH¢4,000 and GH¢5,000 as part payments for the land that had already been cleared.

“The accused person continued to work on my land without fully paying me until she was arrested for illegal mining,” his statement said.

Timothy explained further that following Aisha Huang’s arrest in 2017, together with his family members, they went to meet James Obey (Aisha's foreman), to demand the rest of his money, but he only got the assurance from Ogbey that even if convicted, Aisha Huang's properties would be enough to be sold off to make up his money for him.

“The galamsey activities of the accused person led to the destruction of the Offin, Nkyingo, Afraso, and Kobri rivers at Sakuumu, Bepotenten,” he added.

Timothy Ali will be cross-examined in court on Wednesday, December 21, 2022.

Aisha Huang (En Huang) is standing trial for being deeply involved in galamsey (illegal mining).

In 2018, she was deported from the country after the state decided to discontinue her trial, in which she was accused of engaging in small-scale mining without a license.

It was later discovered that the Chinese national had found her way back into the country and returned to mining.


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