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Allegations I hoarded $6m from NDC meant for EC 'utter rubbish' - Kwakye Ofosu

Felix Kwakye Ofosu Picture Former Deputy Communications Minister, Felix Kwakye Ofosu

Sat, 30 Jun 2018 Source:

Former deputy Communications Minister, Felix Kwakye Ofosu has fumed at allegations making rounds that he stashed for himself millions of dollars out of money meant to be given to the Electoral Commission after the election by the NDC.

The money, according to details from a leaked audio is given by the victorious party to the Electoral Commissioners and then subsequently shared among the staff as a means of appreciating them for the work done.

A Commissioner of the EC, Pauline Dadzawa, whose voice is alleged to be that in the recording, accused the then deputy Communications Minister Kwakye Ofosu of pocketing half of the money to be given to the Commission by the NDC in fulfilment of the 'customary practice'

He is accused in the leaked tape of making do with $6 million and sending the remainder of the money to the Electoral Commissioner who refused to share it with the other Commissioners and staff much to their displeasure.

"Anyway, according to sources, they gave Felix Ofosu Kwakye $12 million to come and give to the Commission. You take some and you know...we give the staff. According to sources, when Felix also sensed that they will lose, he took half of the money, went and gave Charlotte half. And that actually infuriated us" she said

However, in a sharp rebuttal, Kwakye Ofosu has lashed out at the said Commissioner describing her actions as "petty and irresponsible gossip" and an attempt to "harm the reputations of innocent persons".

In a Facebook reaction on his wall, the Former Deputy Minister urged the public to dismiss such allegations as he expressed shock that a person of her calibre will dabble in a thing as that intimating that he is may consider legal actions.

"It is complete and utter nonsense. At no point before, during or after that election was I given any money to give to anyone at the Electoral Commission. It is a matter of regret that a senior official of such an important body will find it necessary to dabble in such petty and irresponsible gossip and in the process harm the reputations of innocent persons. She should be aware that her conduct makes her subject to any legal action I may consider."

This aspect of the audio has been linked to some comments made by Former President Rawlings who hinted that a member of the party bought two houses worth $3million during his address at June 4 celebration.

Rawlings though made his comments without mentioning any names suggested that the person was young and bought a house each for himself and his wife right after the party lost the 2016 general elections in humiliating fashion.

But Kwakye Ofosu sought to clarify the statement made by the former President in his Facebook post accusing persons in the corridors of power of power of deliberating planning this against him.

He believes the faces within the Flagstaff House who produced the alleged fake NIA cards are behind act.

"I have also noted that some NPP lickspittles, most of whom are paid with your taxes to churn out outright lies about opponents from the Presidency , have sought to create the impression that Mr Rawlings mentioned my name when making claims that someone purchased two mansions at East Legon shortly after the 2016 elections, in his speech at this year's June 4th event. Nowhere in Mr Rawlings' speech did he mention my name" he wrote on his wall.

"For context, it is the same bunch of state-sponsored fake news peddlers who fabricated NIA cards and attributed them to some Minority MPs only to have it denied by the leadership of the NIA. It makes for sad commentary indeed that it has become possible for the Presidency of this country, which should be hallowed ground and a place of serious work to be reduced to a staging post of the most scurrilous falsehoods" Kwakye Ofosu added.

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