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Alleged child ‘marriage’: Naa Ayemoade is 16 years, not 12 years – Office of Gborbu Wulomo clarifies

Elders Of Nungua .png Gborbu Wolormo Spokesperson Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II

Wed, 3 Apr 2024 Source:

The office of the Nungua Gborbu Wulomo has debunked assertions that Naa Ayemoade, the virgin child chosen to marry the Gborbu deity customarily, is 12 years old.

The Office of Gborbu Wulomo also clarified that the relationship between Gborbu Wulomo and 16-year-old girl Naa Ayemoade is customary and not a marriage.

Addressing a press conference at the office of the Gborbu Wulomo, Spokesperson Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II, Nungua Mankralo, acknowledged that while the said customary marriage involves an underage individual, it does not sanction the initiation of a sexual relationship.

63-year-old Gborbu Wulomo has, over the weekend, faced backlash after a video surfaced online showing him participating in a marriage-like ceremony with the young girl, Naa Okromo.

The controversial event occurred on Saturday, March 30, 2024, in Nungua, drawing widespread attention and criticism.

However, to settle the controversy, the spokesperson of the Gborbu Wulomo explained that the ceremony did not entail the girl assuming marital responsibilities.

However, African Education Watch calls for the immediate arrest of Gborbu Wulomo following the decision to marry the girl, who is said to be 12 years old.

The ceremony's aftermath last Saturday, March 30, sparked public outrage among Ghanaians on social media.

The latest to join calls for the arrest of Gborbu Wulomo is the Education Think-Tank African Education Watch.

Executive Director of the African Education Watch, Kofi Asare, said in a Facebook post, "The law says it is illegal to marry a 12-year-old girl."

He added, "The excuse that she won't be performing conjugal duties is immaterial to the law," and, "The cops must grab the Nungua Wulomo and cohorts now!"

Gborbu Wulomo, who serves as the overlord of all of Ga-Damgbe State and the traditional leaders, received fierce criticism after the news broke on social media.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service says the 12-year-old girl, who is allegedly married to Gborbu Wulomo, and her mother are currently under police protection.

According to the Ghana Police Service, the location of the 12-year-old girl in Nungua, Accra, has been identified.

"The girl and her mother are currently under police protection.

"The Ghana Police Service is working with the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection and the Department of Social Welfare to provide her with the necessary support while the matter is being investigated," the police explained in a statement.

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