Before BBC expose, over 20 teachers were busted in sex scandals since 2017

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Tue, 8 Oct 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

‘Sex For Grades’ is not a new phenomenon in the education system all over the world but the seemingly dormant conversation has been reignited after BBC Africa Eye released a teaser for their expose spearheaded by a victim of such harassments.

Before the full investigative piece was premiered on Monday, snippets of it had already implicated some university lecturers.

Also, several media reports had highlighted some cases of sexual harassment in schools across the country, including Senior High Schools.

In this piece, GhanaWeb takes a retrospective look at some reports since 2017 that accused some lecturers and teachers of sexual harassment.

A publication on GhanaWeb sourced, on December 14, 2017, reported that Ghana National Association of Teachers had rubbished claims purporting most of its members had been implicated in various sexual harassment cases in Senior High Schools.

The association went ahead in their statement to establish that only 6 of its members had sexually abused students, the aftermath of which had led to the pregnancy of 6 of the students.

This happened in the Central Region of Ghana, in Assin Manso SHS, Nyankomasi SHS, Obiri Yeboah SHS, Assin State College and Assin North Community Day School.

Read the full story originally published on December 13, 2017, on Ghanaweb

Before this publication, students had earlier claimed that, most of their male teachers were harassing them for sex. With most of those who declined such requests being targets of physical abuse, hate, failure in exams or even sacked from class.

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In the same year, Prof Ransford Gyampo who has now allegedly been embroiled in the BBC Africa Eye exposé was accused by Ben Kwaku Andrew of soliciting sex from female students in exchange for grades. This accusation, however, took an unexpected turn as his accuser rendered an unqualified apology to him after he threatened a law suit.

This ensued on Facebook and below are parts of Prof Gyampo’s posts; “In my 13 years teaching here, (UG) nobody has raised that allegation against me. This morning, my lawyers and myself were prepared to go to court to do the needful but the one who initiated that allegation wrote publicly to apologise on his Facebook wall.”

Read the full story originally published on September 14, 2017 on Ghanaweb

In April 2018, similar stories broke indicating that some students had been sexually abused by their teachers as a way of punishment. An investigation was launched to unravel facts around the issue after which eight teachers were found guilty.

Sex For Grades took an interesting turn in October 2018, after three lecturers were dismissed in UPSA “for allegedly soliciting for sex from some female students.”

All the three lecturers were from the Finance and Accounting Department of the university.

The report was file by graphic.com.gh and was published on October 8th 2018.

NB: Read the full story originally published on October 2, 2012, on Ghanaweb

A year may not pass without a case of sexual harassment by teachers rearing its head in news headlines. And this is not different as a teacher in the Tamale School of Hygiene was also accused with similar premise.

Solomon Ossom Asare, in a report dated, May 15, 2019 was alleged to have been “forcing female students to enter into romantic relationship with him and those that turn down his request often incur his wrath”

“The latest incident involving King Solomon has to do with him persistently pestering a first-year female student by name Portia to have a romantic relationship with him.”

Read the full story originally published on May 15, 2019, on Ghanaweb

These are just but a few of such reported instances where teachers and lecturers were busted in sex scandals on campuses and Senior High Schools.

Even though several actions have been taken by concerned stakeholders, it seems the deterrent has not been established.

The number may be more because most of these cases remain unreported. But while others are quick to judge these implicated tutors for their obvious lack of control, others have also blamed students for seducing their tutors.

The debate rages on…

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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