CDD-Ghana seeks rights for gay couples and vulnerable groups

Sat, 3 Oct 2015 Source: GNA

The Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has asked policy makers to formulate policies to end human rights abuses against gays, commercial sex workers and other vulnerable groups in society.

The centre noted that the practice of widespread discrimination and stigmatisation, particularly, against persons living with HIV, hinders the efforts of such vulnerable groups to access health care.

Mr Francis Tsegah, Senior Fellow at CDD-Ghana said at a stakeholder meeting that despite the number of UN conventions on fundamental human rights prohibiting sexual identity or orientation, countries still considered issues relating to rights of vulnerable groups as unimportant.

"The situation of key populations, such as commercial sex workers and men sleeping with men are further compounded when religious leaders and politicians pander to prejudice rather than demonstrating the political will needed to proffer policies to protect the rights of such vulnerable groups," he said.

"This no doubt hinders the efforts of such vulnerable groups to access critical health services," Mr Tsegah added.

He expressed worry that the challenges if not immediately addressed would derail efforts at ending HIV and AIDS.

He said there is urgent need to strengthen efforts to address the challenges and ensure they are free from human right abuses and have access to treatment by key populations and persons living with HIVs positive.

He expressed the hope that stakeholders would take concerted action to engage policy makers to address the situation so that all persons who find themselves would have the right to access medical treatment guaranteed by the 1992 constitution.

Source: GNA