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‘They don’t know what they are doing’ - COP Mensah on reversed interdiction

COP Mensah

Wed, 20 Sep 2023 Source:

Former Commissioner of Police (COP) George Alex Mensah, has issued a response to his interdiction by the police hierarchy with days to his retirement.

The retired COP, whose career has recently come under the spotlight due to a leaked audio recording, defended his reputation during an interview on Angel FM on September 17, 2023, in which he downplayed the significance of now suspended interdiction.

When asked about the perceived impact of his interdiction, COP Mensah responded with a rhetorical question, stating, "Have you ever seen an interdiction that has been withdrawn in less than 12 hours before?"

The presenter continued to question COP Mensah about the withdrawal and the possibility of potential effects on him, however, the former police commissioner seemed dismissive of those behind the said interdiction stating, "They don't know what they are doing."

Read an excerpt of his conversation with the host below:

COP Mensah: God has really blessed me there are no potholes anywhere in my retirement

Host: With interdiction and withdrawal of interdiction

COP: Have you seen an interdiction that has been withdrawn within 12 hours before?

Host: That is why they call it all die-be-die

COP: God has blessed me.

Host: But didn’t that have any negative effect on your retirement, the way you were expecting things didn’t it have any effects on you?

COP: If there was an effect then you just have to clean it up, and when that is cleaned, there is no more effect again.

Host: But for this, they didn’t clean it up, they just suspended it with the view that it could be reinstated.

COP: They don’t know what they are doing.

The Ghana Police Service suspended its decision to interdict some three senior police officers involved in the leaked audio to oust the Inspector General of Police (IGP).


In the statement dated September 7, 2023, the service said that although it had earlier announced the interdiction of COP George Alex Mensah, Supt George Asare, and Supt Emmanuel Gyebi, it was rescinding its decision in order not to interfere with the ongoing parliamentary probe into the matter.


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