CPP launches manifesto tomorrow

Greenstreet Ivor Flagbearer CPP File photo: Flagbearer of the CPP, Ivor Greenstreet mobbed by supporters

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 Source: myradio360.com

Barring any last minute's hiccup, the Convention People’s Party (CPPP) will tomorrow, October 29, 2016 launch its manifesto ahead of the December 7 polls.

According to the CPP, it will offer hope to Ghanaians who are in despair when given the nod to govern this country after the December 7 polls.

Speaking to  in an interview with myradio360.com ahead of the launch, National Chairman and leader of the party, Professor Edmund N. Delle, was optimistic  the party’s long awaited manifesto will bring the needed development to the country when it is voted into power to govern this country.

He noted that the thematic areas of the manifesto are well-thought to enhance the socio-economic livelihood of the citizenry.

For instance, he mentioned that in the case of health “our overriding aim will be to reduce inequalities in standards of health care for all who need it,”

According to him, when the CPP forms the next government it will, among other things, give priority to improving primary health care services, especially in deprived communities, in the inner cities and continue to improve ante-natal and maternity services and develop child health services.

Prof. Delle also pointed out that priority will be given to community health system so as to ensure that there are enough facilities to operate.

Still on health, Prof. Delle, who is a Dermatologist, said a CPP government will take a major public stake in the pharmaceutical industry.

He went on to explain that a CPP government will do this by “focusing on the production of drugs at very affordable prices.

Source: myradio360.com
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