CPP’s Lucy Anin goes ‘mad’ on radio; insults Prof Delle

Cpp Anin1 Ms Lucy Animwah Anin, a founding member of CPP

Fri, 7 Oct 2016 Source: 3news.com

A former council member of the Convention People’s Party went berserk on radio Friday and launched a scathing attack on the party’s chairman, Prof. Edmund Delle describing him as “dubious and wicked” with the intention of destroying the party.

Ms Lucy Animwah Anin who is against the choice of the party’s presidential running mate, Nana Gabby Nsiah Nketiah, accused Prof. Delle on 3FM’s Sunrise morning show of attempts to destabilise and hijack the party for his self interest.

“Delle you are a dubious character, you are a very bad person, you are here to destroy Kwame Nkrumah’s legacy. God is going to punish you,” she told Prof Delle on the show when the two were called on phone to discuss fallout of the choice of Nana Nketiah.

Ms Anin who is also a founding member of the party is frustrated by the decision of the decision pick Nana Nketia will crumble party for which she has petitioned the Central Committee which made the choice in consultation with the flag-bearer, Ivor Greenstreet.

The party’s youth wing is equally up in arms with the executives over the choice of Nana Nketia and want him to be dropped for a better choice. Fuming with anger, Ms. Anin told Prof. Delle “let me tell you, you are a very wicked person, you’re very, very bad”.

But Prof. Delle who was obviously not happy with the posturing of Ms Anin asked her to apologise for the foul words she used to describe him but the council member did not budge on her opinion of the chairman.

“I am not going to retract anything about Delle, I know you very well Delle, God is going to punish you,” she maintained. Further attempts by the show host, Winston Amoah, to calm and get Ms Anin to retract and apologise for her comment were unsuccessful.

Although Winston apologised, Prof Delle did not understand why the host should be the one to apologise, saying ” Winston, I have respect for you but you can’t apologize for her. If she won’t apologize I won’t continue. “I think this is not acceptable, she has to apologise.

We can’t continue with any discussion. She has no right to insult me, what right has she to insult me? I don’t think this is acceptable, have a good day and may God bless her. She has love for Nkrumah more than us,” Prof Delle said. The host had no choice but to end the interview.

Source: 3news.com
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