Calls for closure of LGBTQI office inhumane – Gay advocate

Mon, 22 Feb 2021 Source: Atinka Online

Executive Director for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) rights Ghana, Alex Kofi Dinkor, has described the persistent calls by the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the Member of Parliament for Assin South Constituency, Ntim Fordjour for the closure of their office in Accra as unfortunate.

Law lecturer and anti-gay rights activist, Moses Foh Amoaning, in 2020, attributed the increasing number of LGBTQI to the failure of successive governments to address the LGBTQ menace in their manifestos.

Recently, the LGBTQ+ opened an office to serve as a safe haven for members of the community, a move which has been fiercely opposed by critics of the group including Foe Amoaning.

Critics of the LGBTQ have called on the government to shut the office and prevent the group from holding any form of meeting in the office.

Member of Parliament for Assin South Constituency, Ntim Fordjour, says the influence of the west on Ghana’s society relating to LGBTQI infiltrations remains an age-old pressure, which must be resisted as long as the pressure shows no indication of abating.

"Contrary to the notion that persons practicing LGBTQI in Ghana are discriminated against, I strongly hold the view that persons practicing LGBTQI are rather unfortunately pampered and treated with kids globe in Ghana," he said.

Speaking to host of Atinka FM’s AM Drive, Kaakyire Ofori Ayim, Executive Director for LGBTQI Rights Ghana, Alex Kofi Donkor, said the community faces series of abuses every day.

According to Alex Kofi Donkor, the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference has failed to extend love to the LGBTQI as the church preaches.

“We are all Ghanaians and no one is more Ghanaian than the other. The LGBTQ community faces a lot of abuses and the office is just to act as a safe haven where abused persons will be offered counselling and the like”, he added.

Source: Atinka Online
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