Can a 6-year-old absorb CSE teachings and still remain psychologically intact? - Pratt quizzes

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Sat, 5 Oct 2019 Source: peacefmonline.com

Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has asked the ruling government to learn from countries that rejected the Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

According to him, if Canada, a country practising Homosexualism has rejected CSE then there is something wrong with it; hence "it will be wrong for us; a country that has frowns on LGBT to accept it (CSE)".

Ghanaians have for the past days been battling with the ruling government over reports that it intends to introduce homosexuality to children through the CSE curriculum.

Even though the Education Minister, Matthew Opoku Prempeh has denied these reports, some are still not convinced.

The seasoned journalist, speaking on the controversial subject, urged that as politicians go about busily debating the issue, they should stop and examine the 'psychological effect' it will have on children.

According to him, "there is a difference between sex education and sexuality education; the latter is about sexual orientation. If you talk of having tolerance for other people’s sexuality what do you mean?. Some of these things if we don’t take care it can even harm our children…this has wide-ranging implications for the psychological health of children. And so I am looking at this issue from a position of science and not morality. Can a six-year-old manage this process such that he or she remains psychologically intact at the end of the process?

He further indicated that since majority of Ghanaians are clearly against the CSE, it should be done away with.

"Every comment and reaction so far indicate that no one is happy with the issue so why don’t we just scrap it and be free. As for the international community, they will always try to find ways to coerce or wheedle us into accepting homosexuality, but it is up to us to stand firm and consider the overall interest of our country. Just do away with it," he added.

He was contributing to a panel discussion on Peace FM's morning show 'Kokrokoo', Friday.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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