Change in weather patterns could affect our food security - Meteorologist

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Tue, 28 Feb 2023 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

Thomas Biney, a meteorologist with the Ghana Meteorological Agency, has advised Ghanaians, especially farmers, to understand the patterns of our weather systems and plan accordingly.

Farmers, he said on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s Frontline, could no longer demand the old farming system due to changing weather patterns.

As a farmer, understanding the weather patterns for the year will help you plan your farming. However, if you continue to farm in the old ways, as we did in the past, there will be a dry spell in the season, and because you did not contact us, you will not have good yields.”

He said one of the major concerns why the outfit is creating awareness is because of climate change or variations in our climate.

”One of the reasons why it has become a concern and why we are creating awareness is that the world is concerned about climate change. In the past, we experienced heavy rainfall between June and July for days with a bumper harvest. But today, the situation has changed with the rains destroying crops.

For this reason, it has become prudent for us to understand these patterns so we would inform Ghanaians about them. Ghanaians must understand these new changes so they would plan their lives well.”

“Every Ghanaian, whether a farmer or not, should understand the changes in our weather patterns,” Mr. Biney added. You are born into the meteorological system, whether you like it or not. You breathe air and experience rain, so understanding the patterns will help you plan,” he told host Kwabena Agyapong.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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