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Colleague journalists in Malawi near-death lynching still under psychiatric care – Anas reveals

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“I don’t know why I’m alive today. I’m being honest with you. I should have died”, Africa’s most revered undercover Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has recounted his close shave with death and how his colleagues are yet to come out of the shock.

According to him at the Media Festival organized by The Press Foundation (TPF) with support from MyNewsGh.com, he revealed how he was the target of a sharp sword thrown at them in Malawi during undercover piece “Malawi’s Human Harvest” which would have ended his life considering the circumstances they found themselves.

Anas revealed that some of his colleagues who escaped the frightening experience are still at the psychiatric home receiving some therapy describing it as terrible.

“My colleagues are at the psychiatric home undergoing therapy…it was terrible experience…thrown sword at me and escaping it is a miracle”, he recounted.

He described it as one of the most dangerous undercover investigations he has ever carried in his entire journalism career spanning 20 years.

It would be recalled that somewhere earlier this year, MyNewsGh.com reported of how the townsfolk nearly killed the reporters together with Anas in Malawi during the investigations while doing a sting operation on human harvest


Popularly known as Muhti, human bodies are harvested and dismembered to supply powerful people in society. These human body parts are believed to possess some abilities to make people not just rich, but also very powerful in the Malawian and Tanzanian societies.

In this epic investigative film, Mathias Kamanga a Malawian, claims to have a deep working knowledge of the human body based Muhti and “blood-sucking”. He says, between himself and his associate Njuku Mpata (also known as Joseph Mwakigunga), they have killed 12 people including children as young as five. He tells Anas the last victim was a boy aged ten. He says he removed the child’s tongue and penis; all for the purpose of supplying human body Muhti.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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