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Death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale: Arrest Kennedy Agyapong - Lawyer to Police

A legal practitioner Lawyer John Owusu Agyemang has described the Assin Central Member of Parliament Kennedy Agyapong as a criminal who should be apprehended.

Lawyer Owusu Agyemang who expressed his disappointment in the Ghana Police Service for releasing Kennedy Agyapong after interrogating him over the death of undercover journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Mr. Agyapong has been termed as a party of interest in the assassination of Ahmed Hussein-Suale following a viral video where the former was calling on the public to beat up the latter if he comes anywhere near his TV and radio stations at Madina in Accra and that he will be responsible for any cost incurred in the process.

Although some legal practitioners believes Mr Agyapong is a party of interest due to his comments, it does not directly associate him with the murder but Lawyer Owusu Agyemang is of the view that the legislator should have been arrested for his statement making reference to the criminal offences act-1960 (ACT 29) section 20(1) which states that "Every person who directly or indirectly instigates, commands, counsels, procures, solicits or in any manner purposely aids, facilitates, encourages or promotes, whether by his act or presence or otherwise and every person who does any act for the purpose of aiding, facilitating, encouraging or promoting the commission of a crime by any other personAgyemang known or unknown, certain or uncertain is guilty of abetting that the other person in respect if that crime."

Speaking with Boamah Darko on HOT FM's morning show 'Maakye', Lawyer Owusu Agyemang said "Kennedy Agyapong should be arrested. Under the Criminal Offences Act- 1960 (ACT 29) section 20(1), it says anyone who instigates and promotes the commission of a crime has committed a crime and Kennedy Agyapong did exactly that with the comments he made because until then, majority of the public did not know this guy, what he looks like and what he does and this makes me feel disappointed that the police released Kennedy Agyapong after interrogating him.

Even at the time he made such comments, the police did nothing about it and after the murder has been committed, he has been interrogated only to release him when the criminal offence act -1960 (ACT 29) Section 74 says Threat of harm, that " whoever threatens any other person with unlawful harm with intention to put that person in fear of unlawful harm shall be guilty of a misdemeanor " hence the killers have not been arrested yet, Kennedy Agyapong must be apprehended.

But in Ghana a high profile personality is never arrested, if it were to be a random person, he would have been arrested and processed for court immediately...Looking at the important job Anas and his team are doing to fight corruption in the country and observing the actions of people like Kennedy Agyapong who tries everything possible to distract and antagonize them shows that he is a criminal" He opined.

Source: Isaac Boamah Darko
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