General News Tue, 24 Feb 2004

Disgraced Bamba Eyes Return To Castle

Disgraced former Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs and MP for Wenchi West, Alhaji Moctar Bamba says he would surely return to government when he clears his name of allegations of fraud and corruption.

Bamba told JoyNews in an exclusive interview that he was never involved in corrupt practices and said the media reports were an attempt to ruin his political career even though he had in admitted to indiscretions in his business dealings in his resignation letter.

In a very excited mood, Alhaji Bamba produced a BNI letter dated February 11, 2004, which absolves him from the reported cases of condoning with a party member to forge the signatures of ministers of state on letterheads originating from the office of the President. Alhaji Bamba dismissed rumours that the President is covering him up because he is the President?s chum.

''I have done nothing, the case is in court, anyone who wants to know the truth should go to the police, BNI and even to the courts. I know I have done nothing. And God, if God is one, everybody in Ghana who castigated me as a result of this. I know God would see me through this.

''Everybody should know who is president. He wont condone wrongdoing. He has known me for about fifteen years and I know him well too. He knows that I won?t do this criminal thing to tarnish my image and the image of the party. I won?t do it and I have not done it.''

The Wenchi West MP explained that he decided to resign his post because he did not want to be seen as interfering with the investigations. He said the president would decide on his fate when reports from the investigations are out. He told Joy News that he is sure to return to his post as soon as he is exonerated.

''I know I have done nothing wrong, insha allahu, I have to go back and serve my country.''

Alhaji Bamba intimated that the President is yet to meet him since he resigned as a deputy minister of presidential affairs. Meanwhile the NPP National Organiser, Laud Commey and the General Secretary of the party Dan Botwe, have earlier told Joy News that the party does not feel Alhaji Bamba has done anything wrong or criminal.

Source: JoyNews
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