General News Sun, 23 Oct 2016

Don't do anything that can disturb Ghana's peace - NCCE

The Keta Municipal Director of the National Commission for Civic Education, (NCCE) Mr. Godwin Agbenyo, has advised Ghanaians not to engage in acts that would disturb the peace in the country during the electioneering, the Voting Day and thereafter.

He said the absence of peace meant war, anarchy, famine, destruction of lives and property.

He made the call at a meeting organised by the NCCE, in partnership with the Ghana News Agency, with support from European Union (EU), to educate the community on the need for peace, unity, tolerance and violent free elections.

Mr Agbenyo, therefore, called on Ghanaians to participate actively in the electoral process but their actions should be devoid of attack on personalities, religious and ethnic groups and political parties.

The debate, he said, should rather be on issues that would enhance the living standards of the people.


Mr. Agbenyo said the whole world was looking to Ghana to see how well the December 7 Elections would be organised to consolidate the country’s young democracy, hence the need for all to ensure that “Ghana wins the poll”.

He advised the youth to conduct themselves well and prove to the world that they were ready to take over the reins of governance after this generation.

He said: “We all owe it as a duty to respect and tolerate diverse views and opinions of others to ensure that Ghana goes into the polls in peace.”

In a related development, the Keta Municipal Director of NCCE, Mr. Godwin Agbenyo, advised the Commercial Drivers Union of Anloga to desist from acts that would undermine the safety of passengers and pedestrians in the run up to the polls.

He was addressing a meeting, organised by the NCCE, in collaboration with the GPRTU Branch of Anloga, with support from the EU, to educate them on the need for peace, unity, tolerance and violent free elections.


Mr. Agbenyo stated that, this year being an election year, would see so many political activities that would bring party faithful and other road users unto the roads, especially during campaign period.

The driver, he said, must, therefore, maintain a reasonable speed and drive with care.

He asked them to also be patient and tolerant with political party groups that would use the road along with them.

The Municipal Director told the gathering that Ghana, being a democratic country, was practising a multiparty system of governance, therefore, the elections were to give every citizen the opportunity to choose his or her own leader.

It was, therefore, the responsibility of every citizen to partake in the decision-making process of how Ghana is ruled through the elections.


He urged the gathering, consequently, go out in their numbers and vote.

Mr Godwin Kumah, the Special Education Officer, Keta Directorate of the GES, who highlighted the issues in the Disability Act, advised drivers and the public to give special attention to the disabled in their communities.

He said they should take advantage of the special schools for the PWDs to educate their disabled children.

For his part, Mr. Sylvester Zigli, an advocate for PWDs, also urged the public to respect and accord PWDs with dignity.

He said anyone could become disabled at any time through accidents, improper handling of babies and illness.

He urged parents to pay serious attention to the senses of their growing children to detect defects in good time for remedial action.

Source: GNA