Don’t politicize double salary brouhaha - PNC General Secretary

Thu, 19 Apr 2018 Source: Modern Ghana

The General Secretary for the Peoples National Convention, Honorable Atik Mohammed, has advised policymakers and Ghanaians not to politicize the double salary allegations against some ministers who also served as ministers of state during the Mahama Administration.

The Criminal Investigation Department is currently carrying out investigations into allegations against some ministers of the National Democratic Congress, who served as Members of Parliament as well as Ministers of States during the past Governments’ term in office.

On Monday, three ministers in the persons of Honorable Alhaji Inusah Fusseini, Honorable Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe Ghansah and honorable Eric Opoku were summoned to the CID’s office concerning the double salary allegation. Some other ministers also subsequently visited the CID’s office on the same issue.

The ministers involved did not take things kindly after going through this ordeal, and Honorable Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe particularly stated that what they are going through is a deliberate witch hunt by the ruling party to divert attention from the government that is underperforming.

Today on the Kokrokoo program hosted by Kwame Sefa Kai, Honorable Atik Mohammed urged Ghanaians to devoid this delicate issue of any politics as he believes the case is very sensitive and needs to be treated carefully to unveil any truth in it.

The PNC general secretary continued he has heard some argument made by ministers involved in the case where they argue they did not receive double salaries but rather some additional money as top up for the extra work they do.

“Argument of top-up should be booted aside, Members of Parliament holding ministerial positions know what they are entitled to”, so anything else they take is illegal according to the law he emphasized.

“If you notice you are receiving additional money that you know you are not entitled to, then you need to report it to the Accountant Generals office”.

All these said, he urged the Government to strategize and put structures in place that will ensure no additional monies from the consolidated fund go into anyone’s account.

Let’s leave the CID to carry out their investigation into the matter without politicizing this delicate matter so that at the end of the day we will get the truth out.

Source: Modern Ghana
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