EC officials wrongfully deactivate barcodes of voters – Director of Electoral Service reveals

Wed, 7 Dec 2016 Source: Kasapa FM

The Electoral Commission (EC) has disclosed that some of its officers wrongfully deactivated the barcode of some voters making it impossible for such persons to vote.

According to the Commission, it gave instructions to its officials to deactivate the barcodes of only persons who took part in the special voting exercise.

There have been reports of destruction of barcodes of wrong voters which effectively makes it impossible for the affected persons to cast their ballot.

However addressing the press in Accra on Wednesday, the Director of Electoral Services, at the Electoral Commission, Samuel Tetteh stated that provision has since been made to enable such affected persons to vote.

“All voters who were put on special voters list, we gave instructions to the District Electoral Officers to deactivate or disable the barcodes of all voters on the special voters list. Unfortunately, some of our officers in an attempt to deactivate the barcodes of those put on the special voters list, mistakenly deactivated the barcode of other voters.

He added: “So the measure we’ve taken is that immediately this challenge comes, we look at the page in the register of that particular polling station where that voters bar code was deactivated and this message is sent to the I.T Department. The soft copy of that page is then mailed to the Regional Director who prints it and sends it to the polling station for the presiding officer to initiate the process for the voter to vote.”

Source: Kasapa FM