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EC secretly inviting some candidates to amend forms - Henry Lartey

Presidential candidate for the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Dr. Henry Lartey, one of the disqualified candidates in the upcoming presidential election, has chided the Electoral Commission (EC) over what he term, double standards.

The candidate who has described his disqualification as wrongful in law, is accusing the Commission of secretly inviting some candidates and parties to amend errors on their nomination forms after disqualifying others.

He said, the EC has failed the country and his party by not inviting his him to correct the errors on his forms. He also described this as the biggest mess in the career of the first female commissioner, Mrs. Charlotte Osei. Dr. Henry Lartey questioned if the EC have a motive to get him out of the list or doing the bidding of her 'pay masters'.

The EC on Monday disqualified the candidate together with some 12 others after failing to meet the requirements. According to the EC, it could not accept the nomination forms of Dr. Henry Lartey because the number of subscribers to his forms did not meet the requirements of Regulation 7 (2) (b) of CI 94.

The details for his disqualification are as follows:a. Pages 18 – 22 do not contain the signatures of subscribers as required by Law b. Pages 14 – 17: Subscriptions are undated c. The Personal red. One subscriber - Amadu Babia Latifah. With Voter ID number 3357006984 & Polling station K100401 (page 110) also supported the nomination of another candidate.

This disqualifies both candidates endorsed by the said votercords of the Vice Presidential candidate have not been provided. But Dr. Lartey said, the EC lied by saying that, the details of the vice nominee was not provided.


The presidential candidate revealed that, he has reliable information that, the parliamentary candidate of the NPP in the Korle Klottey constituency, lawyer Philip Addison was invited to amend his nomination forms although some candidates have been disqualified.

He further questioned if the EC boss would have had the courage to disqualify the NDC and NPP just like they did with the other candidates. He has cautioned the EC to be careful with the decision taken since in his view, it could spell doom for the country.

Dr. Henry Lartey warned that he will place an injunction on the upcoming election if the EC fails to reinstate him as a candidate. He further took a swipe at some lawyers who have said, a court case regarding the disqualification will fail.

He said, he will win his case because he has a competent lawyer. Dr. Henry Lartey said he has lost confidence in the Commissioner to deliver a credible polls following her failure to allow a fair process. ''How can i trust Charlotte Osei to deliver a credible election after failing to allow me amend my forms.

This is mandated by law, she should have invited me to amend my forms, it would have taken me about five (5) minutes to amend. With what she has done to me, i will confess that i have lost confidence in her... However, people make mistakes and learn on their job, and so i expect the Commissioner to do the right thing by allowing me to amend my forms or i will have no other option than to go to court.''

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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