EOCO has the right to probe Ibrahim Mahama – GRA

Ibrahim Mahama Pic Ibrahim Mahama is a brother of former President John Mahama

Tue, 25 Apr 2017 Source: kasapafmonline.com

The Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) has discounted claims suggesting that the revenue body specifically invited the Economic and Organized Crime Office(EOCO) to assist it in pursuing brother of the former President, Ibrahim Mahama over the outstanding import tariffs owed the state.

The largest opposition NDC has described as a witch-hunt the tussle between the Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) and the brother of former President, Ibrahim Mahama over outstanding import tariffs.

The National Organizer of the largest opposition, Kofi Adams contends that the moves being made by the GRA and the supposed involvement of the Economic and organized Crime Office(EOCO) in the matter amounts to a with-hunt by the governing NPP.

“Clearly so this is an act to witch-hunt business persons and former officials of the previous administration, when they have engaged with the relevant institutions of state who are very much aware and are presently informed of the arrangements they have in place to fulfill whatever obligation they have to the state. It is quite clear that the institutions involved here-the GRA and the companies that belongs to Ibrahim Mahama have not reported any matter to EOCO,"

"Indeed according to GRA, they are dealing with whatever challenges they have faced in the way they have always dealt with other issues that have confronted them. And they have not invited EOCO to this matter. And they say they are very well in place and in position to deal with the matter as set out in their mandate and nobody understands the role of EOCO in this matter.”

But the Assistant Commissioner for Communication at the GRA, Robert Mensah in an interview with Kasapa 102.5 FM said: “we are government institution that works with its own laws and controls and I believe EOCO is also government institution that works within its own controls. We pick our intelligence, they pick their intelligence and where the two have to collaborate, we collaborate. And I think we can rest at that point.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Mensah said it has plans to auction the goods by Ibrahim’s companies, if it fails to follow the agreed settlement plan for the two week ultimatum.

“After the two weeks if they do not redeem the debt, it will retrieve the item. After that there will be a seizure of the items and possible auction sale of the items so that we get our monies.”

“We have so many controls on profile. We know the location of the offices, we know other assets of the two companies. These are within our data system, and if we have to fall on any of them it will be very easy to do.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com
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