Economic Fighters League wants Ghanaians to boycott December 7 elections

Ernesto Yeboah Arrested.jpeg Ernesto Yeboah is Leader of the Economic Fighters League

Tue, 29 Sep 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

With barely three months to the December general elections, Economic Fighters League (EFL) has launched a campaign urging Ghanaians to boycott the entire process.

The fast-rising Nkrumahist political movement has launched a campaign dubbed ‘Operation No Vote 2020’ that aims to mobilise Ghanaians to boycott the December polls.

In a Facebook Live session to launch the campaign, leader of the group, Ernesto Yeboah, said voting has been worthless for the majority of Ghanaians as only a few elite amass all the wealth leaving the rest poor.

“Why do we continue to vote if all that our voting does is to transfer our power to a select few who use that power to steal our money? Then use that money to buy themselves Land Cruisers so that they can escape our bad roads; pay for private medical treatment or fly abroad so that they can escape our moribund healthcare system; pay for private tuition or send their children abroad to study so that they can escape our bad education system? Why do we continue to give the system the power to kill us?”, he quizzed.

According to the EFL, after analysing and examining the manifesto promises, policies and programmes of the various contenders in this year’s election it has concluded that none of them is committed to “revolutionary changes needed for a radical transformation of our country”.

Based on this, the EFL believes that the 2020 elections present the electorate only one choice, to boycott the elections, thereby rejecting the system in its entirety.

The Fighters say they want a total change of the system; one that advances inclusion and equality.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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