Fake news 'dangerous' – Agyinasare cautions Ghanaians

Tue, 15 Dec 2020 Source: Class FM

Bishop Charles Agyinasare has warned against fake news, indicating that it portends danger for Ghana as a country.

Teaching his congregation about ‘Foolish talking and slander (II)’ on Sunday, 13 December 2020, the founder of Perez Chapel International said fake news often has the aim of damaging the reputation of a person or entity or making money through advertising revenue

Citing an example to drive home his point, Bishop Agyinasare said: “Some individuals or groups, in a bid to get unnecessary attention or to get the unsuspecting public to read their publications, pick a personality at random and then just put a few words in quotes and then put the personality’s name under it to make it look like he or she said it”.

“This is very dangerous, and we must watch it as a nation”, he warned.

According to him, “there is a growing trend in Ghana that we must watch as a nation”.

“The guy who claimed we were using occult power because we wore a bishopric ring, confessed on Kofi TV that he just wanted to trend.

“In this modern age of social media and WhatsApp, I will advise you to crosscheck your information from multiple sources before forwarding it to your contacts who will also forward it to their contacts”, he urged.

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Source: Class FM
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