General News Mon, 27 Jan 2020

Find civilised ways of relocating squatters this election year – Carlos Ahenkorah

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry who doubles as the Member of Parliament for Tema West has impressed on the Tema West Assembly to find rather civilised and enduring means of dealing with squatters in the municipality.

According to Carlos Ahenkorah, the planned demolitions of structures by the Assembly has damning effects on owners who are mostly rendered homeless after the exercises.

In his submission, he further indicated the more reason why the Assembly must find viable alternatives to the ‘breaking breaking” is because, “we are in an election year.”

“This break down break down thing especially in this election year, I’m begging them, please they should exercise some restraints in doing this exercise. The breaking breaking breaking does not solve anything,” he lamented.

He continued that, “When you break they have to find somewhere to go and sleep because man has to sleep.”

Mr Ahenkorah also revealed that the land in question, which the Assembly is bent on evicting persons from does not belong to the government.

However, the MP is convinced that the private owner of the property is the reason behind the continual demolishing exercises in the area in question.

“For your information, that land is not even a government land, it’s a private property. So it’s the private person who is pushing them to go and do this demolishing. For this election year the breaking breaking has to stop we have to find a very civilized solution to this thing,” he concluded.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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